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Our solution

Streamline booking experience
Streamline booking experience

We streamline your booking experience by conducting a comprehensive audit of online touchpoints, leveraging competitor best practices, and implementing an improvement action plan.

Identify highest value guests
Identify highest value guests

We identify your high-value guests by analyzing internal and external data, and creating a live management dashboard for more impactful and data-driven decisions.

Generate qualified bookings
Generate qualified bookings

We drive qualified bookings to your hotel by leveraging online advertising, thereby significantly increasing the occupancy rates and the total guests revenue.

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Our experts


Seeking out and engaging the most proficient
experts globally in these fields

Remarquable! hotels experts: Growth hacking
Seasoned hospitality experts bringing extensive knowledge in market research, marketing, as well as revenue management, to serve and elevate your hotel.
Remarquable! hotels experts: Hospitality
growth hacking
Top-tier advertising specialists, typically from technology companies, harnessing their expertise to make your hotel achieve its best performance.
Remarquable! hotels founder: Antoine Foucard

Remarquable! embodies my dedication to honor the world’s finest hotels and empower them through world-class services, ensuring they thrive at peak performance.

Antoine foucard, founder & ceo

4 reasons to choose us

No bookings = No fees
We meticulously select a few clients and fully take the risk with our advertising remuneration model.
Our approach of leveraging global social networks enables to instantly engage with your ideal audience.
We provide a long-term enhancement of your online guest journey, impacting all your bookings.
Foster an internal data-driven culture by implementing an intuitive, real-time data dashboard within your hotel.
Remarquable! hotels: Luxury hotels digital

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